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From Idea to Submission: 5 Steps for Poetry Contest Entries

Here are 5 steps to follow when entering poetry contests:

  1. Find a contest that suits your style: Look for poetry contests that match your interests and writing style. Research various organizations and read the contest guidelines to ensure that you are eligible to enter. *Hint Van Isle Poetry Collective just launched one!

  2. Read the guidelines carefully: It's important to understand the rules and requirements for each contest. Guidelines may specify the format of your submission, the length of your poem, the topic or theme, and the submission deadline. Follow the guidelines to ensure that your entry is not disqualified.

  3. Write and revise your poem: Take your time to craft a thoughtful and polished poem. Brainstorm ideas, draft your poem, and then revise it several times to ensure that it meets the contest requirements and showcases your best writing.

  4. Submit your entry: Once you are satisfied with your poem, follow the instructions for submitting your entry. Some contests require submissions by mail, while others allow online submissions. Make sure that your submission includes all the necessary information and materials, such as your name and contact information.

  5. Keep writing: Entering poetry contests is just one way to showcase your writing skills. Even if you don't win, keep writing and honing your craft. Participating in contests can help you improve your writing and gain valuable feedback.

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